Sunday, September 12, 2004

What I have so far

Here is what I am planning on ordering from DCBS so far this month:

American Flag Books 1 & 2

Have heard a ton of praise and acclaim for this early Chaykin work, which happened at a time I wasn't reading comics. On sale for $9.99 each I imagine they'll be worth reading from a historical perspective if nothing else.

Avengers #1

Never been a huge fan of either the Avengers or Brian Bendis. Yet with a sale price of 56 cents for the first issue, I figure what the hey and will give it a look anyway.

Iron Man #1

I always thought the concept of Iron Man could be very interesting, but none of the stories I read really grabbed me. Warren Ellis seems like a good choice for the character given his technology savvy writing and perhaps will finally be the one to make me like Iron Man. On sale for $1.75.


I've heard great things about this comedic take on a certain green skinned female, and at $7.49 I figure it is a decent time to give it a shot.

Wow, I can't believe I'm getting so much Marvel stuff...


From the same team that brought us the classic FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE JUSTICE LEAGUE, is a new series in that same vein. In an age where some creators only want to focus on the down side of humanity, it is nice to see creators who realize the fun side of the superhero as well. I'm getting it for $2.19, but price was NOT an issue here.

Blade of Kumori #1

The creator behind this is a friend of mine, but this series about a young woman who is the last in a long line of samurais sounds very intriguing as well. I look forward to giving it a try, and hoping it comes off as well as it sounds. Sale price of $1.47.

Hardy Boys #1

I love mysteries, I enjoyed reading the Hardy Boys novels as kids and the series is drawn by Lea (RUMBLE GIRLS) Hernandez. So how could I not try this new series from NBM? Especially at a sales price of $1.62.

Superman Secret Identity TP

One of the best comic series I read last year was this miniseries by Kurt Busiek and Stuart Immonen. This story that used portions of the Superman mythos to examine different phases and aspects of life, was powerful and thoughtful. I'm ecstatic to see it finally collected, and would pay even more than the $12.97 sales price if needed for it.

So there you go, almost at my limit of things already. I just have to see if there is anything else, which I can't get at a bookchain store (hence no mangas), that I might want to also try.

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