Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Tuesday Link Blog

DC To Release Free Copy of Fallen Angel #1 - Those looking to try DC's Fallen Angel series have a golden opportunity this week, as DC is shipping free handout copies of the first issue to comic shops this week.

Meanwhile Johanna Draper Carlson, still has her Fallen Angel Contest going as well. Hurry though, as all entries must be received by tomorrow September 8!

Speaking of Johanna, has she fallen victim to my blog rollcall of doom? As she is unable to post to her blog so far this week due to Blogger glitches.

Just when you think comics may be growing up and turning a corner. You see books like this one from someone who has obviously been playing video games WAY too much. And makes you wonder if they have ever been near a real woman from the way they draw them.

To end on a positive note though. I am very interested after reading the interview with Jamie Boardman on the DC/Rebellion partnership. Which promises to bring a lot of new, to me and I'm sure many other readers, series to the US by some of today's most talented creators.

In an industry which seems to support a certain amount of sameness, bringing about new things to try will be a very welcome addition to the current comic world.

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