Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I picked this book up on a whim today. I had the day off so was looking at one of the local shops, and just thought I'd give it a shot.

A quick synopsis, is this is a story about a beautiful young woman, whose scientist husband is way too obsessed with superheroes and their youth. He invents a protective outer shell to try to become one, but things go bad for him, though not much better for his wife

As with a lot of writer Grant Morrison's writing, there are a lot of non-sensical parts. Sometimes that works, as you don't want to talk down to your audience, and have everything explained to them.

Yet other times, as is the case here, one can't help but wonder at the whys. And not in a "I can't wait to see why that happened." way, but in a "Why on Earth would that happen?" confusion way.

Still the thing that struck me most, was the overriding point of emphasis on the scientist's very scary obsession with youth and superhero porn. While the book itself has its lead nearly naked for much of the book, seeming to cater to that very obsession.

Leaving me wondering if it was feeding a certain audience or trying to show that audience how weird they are.

Where's Fanboy Rampage When You Need It?

From Jacksonville, Florida's News4Jax site:

Two costumed men were arrested after a fight at a Halloween party at a Clay County apartment complex Sunday afternoon.

Deputies called to a disturbance at the Wells Road address said William Griffin, 26, who was dressed as "Belligerent Drunk Man," and Joseph Gilliam, 37, dressed as the Green Lantern, were fighting.

Deputies said Griffin's costume was comprised of a sweat suit, a belt made out of beer can pop-tops, and a Superman-style emblem on his chest that read "BDM.

I'm sure it was over whether Hal or Kyle was the best Green Lantern.