Friday, August 26, 2005

Brief Thoughts

I seem to be going through a weird period right now and I don't really know why. While one of the biggest conversations pieces going around the blogosphere is about some growing bored with comics. I find myself enjoying comics more than ever, yet find myself in the odd place of not having much to say.

DC and Marvel's offerings are mostly of little interest to me, but rather than being put off by that, I actually find it nice to make such a clean break from them. Yet that doesn't leave me much to talk about when it comes to them.

Yet when I try to ponder a question like Lyle's "What excites you about comics today?" I'm left momentarily flustered to come with a simple answer.

I love series like HOT GIMMICK, SGT. FROG, OWLY, etc., and how every month there seems to be at least one new project that I want to read.

Yet I think the thing that excites me most, is that I know longer worry about comics as a medium. Whether DC and Marvel or all comic shops across the country closed their doors tomorrow. I know I'll still be able to read great comics, because there is so much variety of material and wealth of options to find them at.

Perhaps that's why I'm in sort of a funk in finding a desire to write though. I don't feel like comics need help or saving, so my "activism" feeling just isn't there anymore.

Or perhaps it is just a relationship I'm in that takes much of my creative juices and puts them elsewhere.:)