Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Oni Press Spotlight

I love Oni Press's range of titles, from romance to comedy to spy fiction to whatever. They offer something for just about anyone, and they don't seem to mind giving their readers options in how they choose to read them. (singles or collections)

Yet with so much out there, it can be easy to take their consistent quality for granted. I know I for one have done that in the past year, I decided to wait for the trade and didn't until recently realized I'd waited an awful long time.

So with that I headed to Amazon and remedied that by ordering the following titles:

Scooter Girl

Lost At Sea

Love Fights

Maria's Wedding

Over the course of the next several days, when work or other things don't interfere. I plan to cover each one of these wonderful entries Oni has offered to the comic world.


Anonymous said...


I'm really interested in seeing what you have to say about these titles. I really enjoyed Lost at Sea, haven't yet read Scooter Girl and was much less taken with the other two, although I believe Johanna likes them, so I'm looking forward to still more perspectives.

Rose from Peiratikos (and Tartsville)

James Schee said...

Cool I should be writing up my first review tomorrow. Of the two I read, one I loved while the other I like okay but have serious qualms about parts of.

Anonymous said...

Ah, mysterious! I look forward to finding out which is which whenever you have the time and inclination.