Tuesday, September 28, 2004

History Comics?

A lot of today's comics use a lot of their own history, but are there any out there that deal with real history?

I was watching the DVD of NBC's American Dreams first season DVD last night. It is a really great show set in the 1960s. It uses the setting to tell stories that provide insights into events of that time, that also reflect really well off events of today.

It got me wondering something though. Are there any comics today that use history in such a way?

I couldn't think of any, and that's a shame as it is such an untapped potential that comics would be wonderful in handling. Given the way comics can capture anything, but seem to so often only offer the same things.


Scott said...

Several of the Sandman Mystery Theater storylines did a good job of utilizing and playing off history.

James Schee said...

Cool, I'm glad I ordered a collection of that series then.