Sunday, September 26, 2004

Cartoon Revelations

I was turning channels late last night, and came upon an old Fantastic Four cartoon on the Boomerang channel. It was a pretty poor cartoon, but the thing that struck me most was the way the Human Torch looked.

He actually looked like someone that was not only on fire, but actually burning and that just freaked me out for some reason. It made me realize just how scary a person like that in real person would look. How could you stand to be beside someone who was literally on fire?

I don't normally enjoy the superhero cartoons, a handful of Batman: The Animated Series and JLU episodes are about it, but it can be interesting to see how something works in another medium.

For instance, something I had never thought of before was on display in another FF cartoon that was on The Family Channel not too long back. The Thing when he moved sounded like a rock slide, which made sense once I thought about it. Unlike us he is literally rocks sliding against each other, and thus would make noise.

Which is just something I had never seen or even thought about in comics.


Johnny Bacardi said...

Not to defend the 60's FF cartoon too much, but most of the episodes were adapted (sometimes word-for-word) from the old Lee-Kirby stories, and that was kinda neat. Plus the character designs were by Alex Toth, always a plus.

But the animation was stiff, as so much of it was back then, and sometimes those great old Lee-Kirby stories were better as reading material rather than watching material...

James Schee said...

Yeah one of the things that probably works in a comic, but seems weird in comics. Was a scene near the end where the Moleman drops down this tube, and has a LONG exposition of what he's going to do. It took forever and seemed like he was falling for quite a long time.

Designs were great though as you say, even made me freak out a bit on Johnny. I wasn't even aware there was a 60 FF cartoon, with only experience as a kid with the FF being the one with the robot.