Sunday, September 12, 2004

Preordering is Tedious

So I'm going through the Discount Comic Book Service site trying to figure out what I want to order through them this month. They have a ton of great deals as usual, but while trying to go through the text version of the Previews listings I grew bored less than half way through.

There is just SO much out there, which is great on one hand for more variety. Yet when you do websearches for more information and make decisions, it becomes a pain after a while.

Trying to guess what I'm going to like, what I can wait on, and what even half of the stuff is sure is a lot of work. Especially for stuff I'll have to wait 3 months on before I even see it.

I think I'll wait until those who do the Previews rundowns gets their articles up. They really save a lot of time and hassle for me anyway. I love comics, but this is only my second time to preorder in the past year and I'm already getting worn out by the process.

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