Wednesday, September 29, 2004

My day

I was the good son on my day off today, and took my mom down to Houston so she could do some shopping at the craft malls she has wanted to go to down there for a while.

I hit a comic shop that was nearby, and picked up Green Lantern #181, Teen Titans #16, Warlock #1, She Hulk #5-#7 and Tokyopop's Remote #3 volume. Which was shrinkwrapped for the the first time, making me wonder what kind of extreme material it'll contain.

Teen Titans #16 I picked up for the Legion of Super Heroes crossover, I was disappointed to learn that they didn't receive their order of the LSH #1 book from Diamond though. Did anyone else's store have a similar problem?

She Hulk and Warlock issues I'm waiting a bit on, though I do have a question on something. Issues #5 & #6 of She Hulk I got out of the back issue boxes, and had been marked up to $3.53 each. It seemed weird that the books would go up in price that much, especially given that I haven't noticed anything that collectible about them. Yet they do this for everything in their back issue bins.

Common practice of shops through out the country to do this type of markup to everything, or does this shop just overprice?

SPOILERS for Green Lantern #181 to follow:

Green Lantern #181 was the last issue of the Kyle Rayner era as Green Lantern. As a fan of the character and his run I was very pleased by this finale. I especially enjoyed the pages with just the ring hanging in space. If I had a little more money I'd buy one of those pages from artist Luke Ross, as they had a real cinematic feel and were a treat for the eyes.

I thought it was a very inventive way to get rid of Major Force, that doesn't have Kyle crossing the line he'd made for himself years ago against killing. Yet does offer retribution for the character's misdeeds

Do I like the direction the story went with Kyle being pushed aside? Not really. Yet I realized long ago that comics aren't Burger King and you can't have them made the way you want them. I may not like what happened because I like Kyle as a character, but I can appreciate how it happens.

I thought it was nice closure to the run with ties being severed so I can walk away from the book now and not feel as if I'll miss anything. Or I could give the new direction for the character, whatever it will be, a try. Since Ron Marz has left the next creative team an open field to go where they will.

Plus one female character's death gets undone! A rarity in today's comics from the big two.:)

End Spoilers.

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