Thursday, September 16, 2004

Oh what a day...

I feel a lot like Charlie Brown right now, things seemed to be going well today. I got off after only 6 hours at work, had plans to meet a special friend tonight for dinner and then do some writing tonight.

One problem, I stop by a store to pick up something for home and then come out and my truck will not start. I use my cellphone to call around but no one is home and I don't have the numbers to cellphones so I'm sort of stuck.

Finally after an hour I get ahold of my sister and she gets her mechanic fiancee to come with her to help me out. When they get there we finally figure out it is the battery, so they take me to Wal-Mart where I spend $60 on the new one.

We get back and notice that the connections have corroded on the battery so bad, that even the Coke pored over it does little. Back to the store where we get some wrenches that gets one of the connections off. Only problem is the other still isn't giving.

So back to the store once again (did I mention that this is in rush hour traffic and the nearest place with autoparts is 20 minutes away on a light traffic day?) and I get a pair of vice grips for $14 freaking dollars!

Get back and finally get it fixed, yay! Only to notice that one of my tires has a nail in it...

Finally 5 hours after I got off work and had an evening I was looking forward to ruined I make it home. Where I have a lot of VERY angry messages from my friend I was supposed to meet for dinner, but hopefully I can make up for that once she actually accepts a phone call from me.

Needless to say I'm not in the mood to do much writing tonight, I do have the next two days off though so expect some writing then.

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