Saturday, September 25, 2004

Newsarama Reports CrossGen For Auction

I wonder who would want it? The company failed for various reasons, yet at their heart I found the series to just be too generic. None of the series really had the time or took the opportunity to become more than their core concept started as.

Which makes me wonder why even movie studios looking for properties to pick up on the cheap would be that interested in them. Be it the sword and sorcery of Scion or fantasy of Sojourn, their basic elements would be just as easy to use created in house. Rather than pay money for a property which 95% of the world has never heard of anyway.

Fans hoping that someone to pick them up, in order to be able to continue the stories must look elsewhere as well. Even if comics company decided to try to do the comics as they were, which would be silly since they didn't catch on then. Getting the talent to come back on them would be nearly impossible.

From non payment to bad relationships that happened while working on them, the books have left a really bad taste in many of the creators behind them's minds. As writer Ron Marz points out on his message board where he details what would have to happen to get him to even consider it.

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