Monday, September 06, 2004

Holiday Link Blog

Not much to write about today, as I'm still in the middle of the latest Sgt. Frog book. Which has been a ton of fun so far, with snowball battles, political battles and other offbeat paths.

Dark Dorothy series - On the one hand the Newsarama report on a darker take on the Wizard of Oz books certainly looks very interesting visually. Yet I wonder a little at the fascination with darkening a lot of our childhood myths that seems to be going on currently. (see DC's FABLES series)

India's Spidey to Hit US - I must admit to being excited about the news of this take on Spider-Man, if he was born in India rather than NYC, coming to stories here. It sounds a lot more interesting sounding than anything the regular Spidey books have been doing for quite some time.

(Updated to add my wishes for those in Florida to be safe as can be with the hurricanes coming through there.)

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