Thursday, September 02, 2004

Sorry to see this

Grotesque Anatomy Shuts Doors - John Jakala is closing his blog down due to work and other related issues, I haven't known John that long, but I've found him to be a true gentleman and his writing to be superb.

His interests and tastes were the closest I've seen to mine than all but one other person. His blog was one of the few must read every day on my list, and was an inspiration to get me to do more work on my own.

So I wish him well and in honor of him I'm going to seek out the Iron Fist, a character he dedicated an entire blog entry to educating me on:), Essential book, and review it sometime in the next few weeks.

All the best man!


John Jakala said...

Oh, now that it just the *best* farewell gift I could have asked for, James! I'm really looking forward to reading your thoughts on the ESSENTIAL IRON FIST. (Actually, I'm looking forward to my own thoughts on these stories: Although I've always loved the Iron Fist character, this is the first time I'll have read most of these comics.)

Thanks for the kind words, and don't forget that we'll always have the Grotesque Rampage forum.

James Schee said...

Yeah we still have the forum to chat on which is cool. I'm looking forward to trying IF when I track it down, may have to be as an online order.

Hmm I wonder if my blogroll is the kiss of death? I don't have many listed but already two, possibly three are gone!;)

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