Monday, October 25, 2004

Target Marvel Age Line Expands

Holiday Special - I wonder how retailers feel about stories from a book that wasn't solicited until last month to them, are out now in this collection?


"Have Yourself a Sandman Little Christmas" Marvel Team-Up #1 [1971] - Spidey and the Human Torch team-up against the Sandman on Christmas Eve. In this story by Roy Thomas and Ross Andru.

"Demon" Uncanny X-Men #143 [1980] - Kitty Pryde finds herself spending Christmas Eve along at the X-Mansion, until a deadly menace intrudes on her solitude. In a story by Chris Claremont and John Byrne.

"Down and Out in Forest Hills" Amazing Spider-Man #314 [1988] - Peter and MJ are evicted from their apartment on Christmas Eve. In this tale by David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane.

"Rhino Plastered" Incredible Hulk #378 [1990] - The Incredible Hulk finds Rhino working as a mall Santa, in this comedic take on Christmas by Peter David and Bill Jaaska.

Also new to the line are:

Mary Jane - Collecting the first four issues of Mary Jane Watson's life as a high school teen, by Sean McKeever and Takeshi Miyazawa.

Hulk - Collecting Marvel Age Hulk #1-4, a series I didn't know even existed.

Spider-Man Team-Up - Collecting Marvel Age Spider-Man Team-Up #1-3 by Todd Dezago and illustrated by various. With stories of the wall-crawler meeting the Fantastic Four, Captain America, Kitty Pryde, and Thor.

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