Friday, October 22, 2004

Quick Bits & Pieces

The Target Exclusive Marvel Age line of magazine collections has expanded once again. Today I saw new volumes for "Emma Frost" and "Spider-Girl" containing the same material as in the digests.

Apparently the TPBs at Target didn't work out though. Since I saw both the "Avengers" and "X-Men: Evolution" TPBs on the clearance racks. Marked down to $6.98, from the original $14.99 price.

I was also amazed at how Manga has now been extended to 4 full shelves at my local Waldens Bookstore. It is a fairly small store, so seeing such an expansion was a pleasant surprise.

I visited my sister today, and my nephew was playing the X-Men: Legends game for the Playstation 2. I watched for a bit, and was pretty amazed at how the graphics made it almost a comic book come to life.

I then found myself greatly amused while trying to figure out who the "blue naked guy" was. While wondering how it got past the ratings people, since you could see his butt. (It turned out to be Iceman!)

(Edit: The material in Emma Frost at least, is not the same as in the digest. It has been edited for space and content to fit the 96 pages format. Thanks to Dave for the correction!)

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Dave Carter said...

Actually, the Target version of Emma Frost is not the same as the digest--it's been edited down to fit 6 issues of comics into a 96-page book.