Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Quick Note

Just a quick note tonight, I've been a too sick with a stomach flu to do much. I hope to do some big writing tomorrow and over the weekend. Here is my amusing comic book related link:

I wonder if they don't sell the bible either? A comic book creators who does series based on stories in the bible has trouble selling his book in some Christian stores because:

some Christians object to the graphic images of their comics. Samson, for instance, has been criticized for being "too violent and racy," and some distributors refused to supply Christian bookstores with the graphic novel.

The Bible is one of the most violent and racy books that was ever produced. It strikes me as a a wee bit odd that readers would expect it to be sanitized in another form.

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James Meeley said...

Yeah, but this is COMICS! And just like when you animate something, that automatically means "for kids". If you do something ADULT in such mediums, you are simply a sick-minded pervert. It's just the bias of Americans adults (and a lot of adults in general), that comics and the like are pure innocence and only for kids. I sometimes doubt they will ever be thought of any different. Oh well....