Friday, October 29, 2004

Lost our sense of fun?

Today was the day we celebrated Halloween at work, with everyone allowed to dress as whatever they want as long as it didn't involve a mask. (federal work site) I was really surprised at the lack of participatation though. Of the over 1000 people that work there, I only saw 20 people at most in costumes.

Have we lost our sense of fun? I know some folks can't afford to do much, but the general feeling of apathy or "how silly" attitude really surprised me. It seems like everything must be taken so seriously these days, and that people are afraid to have fun.

Comic related: Only superhero costume was someone wearing a Wonder Woman suit, not many superheroes who don't have a mask I guess. I colored my hair red, and found a long green shirt and brown pants. Which enabled me to go as Shaggy, outfit cost me about $12 total.


Heidi Meeley said...

I know what you mean about a definite lack of Halloween spirit, James. At my work, normally 2/3 of the people dress up. This year, only two of us did! Unfortunately, there was one woman at the office who approached most of my coworkers and told them she heard no one was going to dress up, so they shouldn't bother. Nice.

Have a great Halloween James! I wish you lived closer so you closer to Jim and I so you could come to our party.

James Schee said...

Don't you hate people like that? Those who have an opinion and think everyone shares it?

I wished I lived closer too, as the party sounds fun! I hope you guys have a great Halloween!