Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Quick Thoughts on Recent Marvels

She-Hulk #8 - I've only been reading the series for the past month and a half, but the writing on the book is so incredibly strong that I'm hooked already.

I never knew much about She-Hulk before, but the humor Slott instills is actually funny, which is hard to do in comics. His ability to introduce the characters and storyline in such a way that it doesn't seem forced is great. I read too many comics, and so I needed this quick recap of how She-Hulk is under obligation to challenge the Champion in order to free a world.

The approach she takes to win, and just the fresh, positive feel of the series has me so invested.

The art is serviceable, but lacks a certain energy and the lack of diversity in facial expressions hurt some of the jokes. I'd started with the Pelltier drawn issues which had that energy, so this issue with a different artist was a slight let down. Yet still a fun read over all.

Warlock #2 - I know zip about Adam Warlock, and so I don't know how "wrong" this take could be to fans of the character.

I just know I'm really enjoying this very cerebral look at the super/science fiction hero myth. The exploration of what one should do with the power to do anything, and questioning what is right and wrong thing to do has been great. The Janie character offer the counterpoint option of compassion, to the cold intellect of the scientists. She is a great character, and is as key to the series as Adam.

I can't wait to see where this series is going, as I really have no inkling of its ultimate destination.

Madrox #2 - I missed #1, it was sold out by the time I got to the shop, but remember reading most of it online somewhere anyway. I was still able to follow it though,a s the script brought me up to speed very quickly.

Once again I know nothing about the character, hmm a weird trend that the 3 Marvel comics I get are ones on characters I don't know, but what I've seen has me intrigued. Jamie is such a fun character, and his power is quite imaginative and one that would seem to lean towards some terrific stories.

The mystery of what has happened to his duplicate has me curious to see its conclusion, and the characters are just so darn likeable that I want to see more of them.

I especially like the lush atmosphere the artist brings to the book, the world is fully realized and seems real as I read it. I like the attention to detail as well. Even though he's drawing the same character over and over again, each has a unique personality that comes through even if the character doesn't speak.

Wow three Marvel titles in one week that I really like. Maybe there is hope for the big two after all.

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