Monday, October 04, 2004

Monday Sundry

Why aren't you reading She Hulk? - I was late arriving to the party myself, just picking up issues #5-7 last week with the trade on order. Yet this has already become my favorite Marvel comic, possibly ever, as it blends great humor with nice action and bright ideas to make just a superb comic that is FUN.

Any comic that can do a "super villains shrink themselves and invade a superhero to escape jail" and not have the story seem hokey, nostalgic or snidely "see how dumb these stories were?" is aces in my book. Plus how can you not love Awesome Andy!

Future of comics?- Hal Jordan fans on the Green Lantern board were asked how many copies they were buying of the Rebirth series. Most seem to plan to buy at least 5 copies of the book in question.

Perhaps this is the secret to comics future? The same fans buying the same comic over and over again? That's not too far from what they are doing now, but I think I see now why there really is no support for diversity in mainstream comics.

Applause for Johanna - Who else can do reviews about comic books about an egg and in the recent past dots and yet make them sound like books you really want to check out. Not just laugh at what seems at first glance a really hilarious premise, kudos!

Oni the Real Mainstream - Nice piece at Newsarama, talking with Oni Press editor James Lucas Jones. Could be formatted better, as there is a ? every other word. Yet it discusses a lot of interesting items like Oni's place in the direct market, singles vs. trades/OGNs, and upcoming projects.

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James Meeley said...


That IS sad about those Hal fans. I mean, I understand getting an extra copy for a child or friend. I could even see one extra beyond that for getting signed. But 10, 15, 100 copies? That's just stupid. And what's funny is how they seem to fail to have learned the lesson of the 90's speculation boom. All this will do is make the series start off with a bang, then by the time the final issues come out, their sales will be only a shadow of the first couple, which might cause DC to think that the book isn't that profitable after all.

But, hey, whatever. Me, I'd rather get my one copy and buy 99 OTHER titles which I might enjoy, too. I'm just funny that way. ;)