Friday, October 15, 2004

Comic fans are "charming"

I knew I would find it as soon as I read this report at Newsarama about Mia, the teen girl who has been staying with Green Arrow, learning she was HIV positive in the newest issue.

The DC Message board hasn't let me down:

Aahh the Pedro Homage. We all knew it was coming

Darkcrisis77 says:I was wondering when the Pedro homage would be stuck in!

Atleast Winnick never disappoints there!

I was SURE it would ANOTHER gay character but we got a twist this time around!

Yippee! I SSSUUURREEE miss Pedro.

lukesdad : Im surprised it took him this long.

Im surprised that Winnick married that girl from the Real World. I figured he would dig up Pedro's bones and have a commitment ceremony with the skeleton.

The HIV issue

theniceman says :
Posted: 2004-10-13 21:34:03.0 I think it is very very dangerous and mean to give a message to children that someone with AIDS is "ok."
Especially with a non-super powered hero to suggest that they are not weakened and hurt, diminished physically is to suggest that the necessary precaustions that they must take against catching not only AIDS but MANY infectious diseases is misleading.

Should those with the disease be lauded for their struggle and sometimes bravery? Of course. Should we glamorize the disease and even suggest it is no big deal? Hell no!!!

theniceman : Take a look at her in her costume. A perfect sexy britney/christina blonde with a perfect body in skin tight uniform fighting evil along with the alien princess, and the rest. Super-heroes are glamorous, or didn't you know that?

Let her teeth fall out like what happened to the friend of MINE that got AIDS and then put her on the cover of the next Teen Titans annual! He was also of the opinion that getting AIDS was no big deal and so he dated a man with AIDS and that was how he got sick. At the time I tried to explain that there was no such thing as safe sex with someone with AIDS....but now he has no teeth.

For the record, I don't talk to him anymore. He continued after getting sick to have sex with people that he barely knew and not telling them. He believed that as long as he was "careful" they didn't have a right to know.

I personally don't know what to think about the story. I think in some regards it is good for comics to tackle social issues, but on the other hand this being a female character who has this negative thing happen is yet another in a long line of bad things happening to female characters there lately.

I thinkit is far too soon to label it as glamorizing before we see the story, and the attacks about Pedro are petty and should have them banned. Yet it shoould be interesting to see further reaction as the story actually progresses.

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