Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Other Quick Comic Takes

Sabrina #61 - It's Halloween in Sabrina's world, and the cool rich girl who hates her is throwing a party and invites everyone but her. Harvey foils the snob's plan by inviting Sabrina to be his guest though.

Which is good because there is a new girl in school, who claims to be a witch and so Sabrina wants to investigate given the magical world's rules against letting the "muggles" know about them.

This was the first issue of the Tania Del Rio run that didn't quite work for me. While the new friend Sabrina makes has promise and Salem the cat's new friend is cute. The book seemed very disjointed, with not enough time given to any one point to make me care. It is great to be ambitious, but too much at once seemed to happen here.

Adam Strange #1 - I don't know a heck of a lot about Adam Strange, and what little I do know has always struck me as very silly. Yet Diggle and Ferry make me care and like the character in one action packed, but still dramatically powerful issue.

It doesn't happen very often from DC and Marvel, but I can hardly wait for issue #2. As I'm involved right along with Adam, in wanting to know the mystery behind Adam's adopted home of RANN's disappearance.

Ambush Bug #1 (1985) - Almost twenty years later and this story is just as funny today as it must have been then. As the quirky green detective/super-hero takes on Republican terrorists who want congress to support new nerve gas production.

He is joined on this adventure by his trustee sidekick Cheeks the Toy Wonder. A lifeless stuffed toy doll, who so cutely gets batted, tossed and knocked around. Yet eventually winds up helping to save the day.

It feature hilarious political commentary, with hyper antics that are as relevant today as they were way back then.

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