Saturday, October 02, 2004

Commentary on Astonishing X-Men #4 & 5

I know people are reading this anyway for Whedon and X-Men, yet isn't that one the dullest covers to a comic you've ever seen? Ooh a big metal fist!

One of the bad things about having too many variations of comics or characters was put on display for me when I read Astonishing X-Men #4. At the end of the issue someone long thought dead, was found to be alive and so much of the last part was an astonishment by the others at that revelation.

As a reader though, it took me two or three minutes to realize why everyone was so surprised at this character's sudden appearance. Because with so many different variations I didn't immediately comprehend that the character was supposed to be dead.

Death happens and "unhappens" in comics so often it is hard to be surprised or much less keep track of. Yet when you tie that in with numerous versions of the characters, in different but similar settings. I wonder how many people can really keep up with it all?

Whedon is still doing quality work on this title though. He isn't reinventing the wheel here, and is basically telling a solid if standard for the franchise story about a group of mutants trying to make the world better.

Yet in an industry where most big name creators come on and seem to "break the toys " they are playing with. It is nice to see one who understands the process a bit better, and wants to leave things in a way that they are better and others can play with and enjoy for years more.

Will I look back at this run 10 years from now and think it was a definitive run? I don't know, but I do know that I'm enjoying the ride today, and that's more than most of the other things Marvel and DC has going for them right now.

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