Sunday, May 16, 2004

Wow and PAD Wonders Why His Sales Are Low?

Peter David was at one time one of the biggest name writers in comics. Bringing a sense of humor and pathos to characters like the Hulk and Aquaman, while amounting critical and commerical success. He seemingly had that rare power of having his pick of series to write.

Yet in recent years a lot of the luster has worn off, with his regular series Supergirl and Captain Marvel being canceled for low sales. While his current series, Fallen Angel, is also is in danger of meeting the same fate, with lack luster sales.

Now of course every creator has highs and lows in their career, yet some just lose their audience because they are unable to keep up with what is popular. This news from Newsarma that has him writing a miniseries on Multiple Man, a small character, unknown by the majority of even the small number of comic readers seems odd. It just seems like yet another disaster in the waiting for him.

PAD had a specialness about him at one time, because he had a well known career writing Star Trek and other novel series. Now with the influx of creators like Kevin Smith, Joss Whedon and others, that part of him is no longer quite as special. Making him just one more name in the ever increasing crowd of comic writers.

Perhaps I'm wrong, and this take on a small character that by its nature will allow a freer hand will be a hit. Yet in today's market, where anything too different from the norm is ignored, I have my doubts. It just seems an odd project for a creator who seems to badly need a big project after a rash of misses to take on.

Only time will tell though.


Johanna said...

Aren't you assuming that he has a choice about the project? Maybe this is all the work Marvel is offering. Then again, maybe he has a fabulous idea for this lesser-known character. This seems like a lot of pre-judgment.

James Schee said...

Hmm interesting point, and I guess I am being a bit prejudegmental on this. Yet it just seems odd to me to take on a character that doesn't have a built in audeince. (maybe I'm underestimating the character too)

It isjust a miniseries, so it isn't a large leap in case it doesn't hit I guess. I hope I'm wrong as at times I've like PAD's writing, and maybe he has a great take on this character. I hearby swear that I'll be the first to admit if I'm wrong.