Friday, May 07, 2004

Today's Links of Interest

Del Rey Manga Starts Strong

The Del Rey manga line, which launched with four titles last week, has started strong, by capturing the top two spots and four out of the top twelve spots on the Nielsen Bookscan graphic novel bestseller list. 

Tsubasa took the top spot, while Negima, by Ken Akamatsu (and translated by Peter David and his wife), was second; with xxxHOLiC and Gundam SEED, taking spots 6 and 12. 

Another sign of success was placing #20, #28, and #45 on the Bookscan over-all trade paperback bestseller list, and Tsubasa #5 on the Waldenbooks trade paperback bestseller list. The highest ranking for a manga title ever, with Negima having a strong showing at the #10 spot.

I myself picked up Negima and xxxHOLiC , but have yet to find the time to read them. I was wondering if the influx of so many publishers getting into manga might hurt the medium, but success like this bodes well. Perhaps even showing that the audience wants as wide a variety of material as possible.

SBC Spotlights Oni Press's Scott Pilgrim

Bryan Lee O’Malley, is back with a new book titled SCOTT PILGRIM, VOLUME 1: SCOTT PILGRIM’S PRECIOUS LITTLE LIFE. Due to hit stores this July, it'll follow Scott Pilgrim, a slacker want to be rock star who kind of skirts through life.

Bryan's previous work, LOST AT SEA, got lots of praise around the industry. Even being named a Comic Worth Reading, at Johanna Draper Carlson's amazing website.

If his new book can match LAS, then this book should truly be a wonderful read.

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