Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Catwoman Movie

The media blitz for the movie has started, as I was bombarded with commercials for it last night while watching television. Most comic fans are upset because it will have little resemblance to the long time comic book character. Yet that doesn't bother me about it one bit, there is more than enough other awful looking stuff in the commercial to be upset about.

How they did the impossible, and made Halle Berry unattractive is one thing. The Catwoman costume she wears is so ridiculous looking, that I find it very hard to believe it got past producers. Yet even that is just superficial I'll admit.

No the main problem of the movie, is that it seems that the producers are WAY too into a former comic book movie The Crow. The commercial actually has the line that when people die violently, sometimes a cat can bring them back. Which is a blatant steal of the Crow's storyline, of a crow bringing the hero back to exact his revenge.

I know there aren't any original ideas left anymore, but still if you are going to swipe something, try and make it something not still fairly fresh in audience's minds.

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