Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Dumb idea of the night

While browsing through the various sites and blogs, on John Jakala's blog's entry about reviewing is a comments section that has a host of popular names posting about the topic.

Reviewer Johanna Draper Carlson talks about contemplating no longer accepting review submissions from publishers, given how much they expect from her for them. Yet that given her time and at times interests, means she has to disappoint many of them, given the sheer number of books she receives.

My wacky idea, which I know isn't possible given cost, time etc. ,and would likely just piss off the companies as well. Is to develop a system of reviewers she can farm out the books to. Given how many reviewers are hamstrung by only being able to read and cover the books they already buy. This would be an interesting way to expand the diversity of what is covered through out the industry.

Reviewers on her "farm team" I guess could either pay or trade for shipping and time costs. And she would use her blog to point to each new review, meeting the publisher's goal of getting the word out about the book.

Yet as I said I know it is undoable, and is just an dumb notion that struck me tonight as I was reading it. Yet hey part of the fun of blogging is being able to spit out any dumb notion one has!;)

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