Sunday, May 02, 2004

Wonder Woman pet peeve

Newsarama has some very interesting coverage of the Wonder Woman panel at WonderCon, but there is something about it that bugs me. See if you can spot it:

At Friday’s Wonder Woman panel Greg Rucka, Drew Johnson, and Dan Didio fielded questions ranging from storylines to sales to junior partners getting their own books.

The “Stoned” arc (it’s got Medousa in it) concludes in issue #210 with “pretty dramatic events,” Rucka said. Immediately following #210 will be a Wonder Woman-Flash crossover entitled “Truth or Dare.” In the two part story, Wally West and Wonder Woman are tethered together by Wonder Woman’s golden lasso, and get real with each other.

Superman will show up more in the series, now that Rucka is writing Adventures of Superman.

See it? Many don't, but I am always peeved that almost anytime Wonder Woman is talked about the attention always seems to be on who she is teaming with rather than about her. Yes I know that she is part of a shared universe, and that there will be gueststars from time to time. Yet none seem to be as attached at the hip to them as her. Almost as if writers don't know how to write about her, so they must bring the easier (for them) hero like Superman or Batman in to help make the story work.

Watch out for that giant forehead!

The wordless preview pages of the upcoming Mary Jane title from Marvel look fantastic. It looks like it could be that really cool teenage romance title that the big two have been lacking for a long time.

Though I do find myself staring in awe at the giant forehead that MJ has on some of the pages. Fans of the TV show Dawson's Creek's first season, may be reminded of Dawson's similar huge head.

Cool DC coverage

Johanna covers this week's DC's with some nifty breakdowns of the various lines. I'm really glad to see that someone else out there loved Teen Titans Go, as much as I do, This is a wonderful little series, that knows how to have fun with itself and its stories. Bringing a real charm that very few other books are able to come close to.

Her Birds of Prey piece brought up a question for me though.

Birds Of Prey #66 -- It's a pleasure to see Black Canary pondering her mother's legacy when so much of the rest of the universe is driven by fathers. This is the framing sequence for a flashback tale of the first BC and a case with a killer of blondes.

That's a good point about mothers and daughters legacy heroes being so rare. About the only other female character I know of who is continuing a legacy of her parents, is Jessie Quick. Yet going by her name alone, it is easier to see that she follows her dad's role than her mom. Which is too bad, given that her mom has always seemed pretty cool too.

Anyway my question for this. I don't know a heck of a lot about Black Canary, yet in the original stories there was no mother right? I was always under the impression that as time went by they sort of retrofitted that in when they got rid of the multiple Earths. Is that right?

Johanna also makes me darn curious about trying Batman#626, it has been way too long since I've seen a male superhero dressing up as a woman story.

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