Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Inker Drew Geraci Has Blog

Former CrossGen inker Drew Geraci has a blog now. Updated every Tuesday night it promises to talk about comic news, his upcoming projects and his comic influences. Two weeks ago he started talking about his former employer CG, detailing first how he came to know about them and telling of another story of a publisher who didn't pay the creators who worked for them. One of them oddly enough being John Dell, who has found himself in the same boat with CrossGen.

Last week he decided against continuing this feature for now.

Citing this:

I've had a few days to think about how much ugliness I'd have to dredge up, and frankly, I don't think I have the enthusiasm I thought I would. The summer's coming and starting this week, I'm inking Captain America, a character I've dreamed of working on since I was seven. I think I'm finally getting the poison, or Kool-aid, if you will, out of my system and moving on with my life. Let's face it, I'd only be hurting the good people I've worked side-by-side with for three years and in a perfect world, they should be prospering. To those who are my friends still at CG, I'm sorry if I've caused more angst than you're already going through with my sarcasm.

Which I think may be for the best. While it is good at times to share the bad experiences with others, to make those not in the know aware of what's happened. So that they can judge`whether it is something to support or even be warned about if they intend to work there.

A lot of the times all that really happens is those still having to deal with the situation as is are put in tight spots. And it is them that feel the brunt of it, rather than those who really should be held accountable.

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