Sunday, May 30, 2004

Trip To Target

Just came in from a trip to the local Target store, where I noticed they have books from Marvel Comics that Ihad not seen before. There were full size magazines containing issues of Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, Marvel Age Spider Man and others. All for a $4.99 cover price, that looked like a good deal if someone was interesting in trying the series.

I did find it interesting that they have a subscription offer in the back, offering many of their most popular titles for half of the newsstand price. I wonder what retailers will think of that?

i'm thinking about ordering the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic as a subscription, because I really love Stuart Immonen's work. Ellis has been a miss for me over the past year though, and as a concept the FF has never really grabbed me.

I also wonder how well Marvel handles their subscribers books, since i work for the Postal Service and know how mail can be treated at times. Anyone out there ever have any experience with them?


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