Monday, May 03, 2004

Quick hits

It is Monday and I worked late, so don't expect a heck of a lot tonight.

Tokyopop opens own webstore

Trying to apparently bypass the middle man of book chain retailers, online stores like Amazon and comic shops, Tokyopop is now trying to sell directly to the readers through their website. With bargain bins that will feature sales that you won't be able to get at stores, this could be a huge deal for them.

I'm going to be curious to see the reaction from others though. Will this cause a backlash against them, from those who Tokyopop is now actively competing with, with this?

Also of note today, was seeing that the Marvel digests volumes have finally arrived in my local Books A Million store. While I feel sorry for any new reader exposed to the PAINFUL third person narrative of "Spider-Girl." The "Sentinel" and "Runaways" collections collect two of their more solid, and different from the norm series of books.

There is also a mysterious, to me, "Spider-Man" one is also out. It is unfamiliar to me, because it seems to be a retelling of original stories with different art. Yet is not the "Ultimate Spider-Man" series that Bendis wrote. Apparently I missed a memo somewhere.

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