Sunday, May 23, 2004


Johanna also covers the DC Mature titles as well, but outside of Human Target none sound very interesting to me. And even with it, the bif appeal is the art of Cliff Chiang whose work I greatly admire.

Like her I find the Authority boring, because nothing can happen to the characters. Just like the characters they were created to parody or counter, having reach a level of success nothing lasting can now happen to them now.

The entire Focus line holds no interest to me, because it is little more than DC trying to do something different, by doing more of the same.

While Lucifer is just a series that I'll admit is just" too smart for me" I guess. I can look at it and see quality, yet I don't care enough about it to want to devote the time and energy of keeping the various elements straight to follow it.

Good coverage though, and nice to see what the female creators at DC are into.

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