Thursday, May 20, 2004

Old Interview, Weird Nugget

From an interview at Newsarma with Brad Meltzer on the upcoming DC Identity Crisis crossover:
“Is there ever a happy ending at the end of a murder mystery? The heroes are going to be much more unhappy, beyond the mourning associated with who's dead. Life has changed.

Yeah because I want to see people with the power to run faster than light, bend steel with their hands and the rest be even more down and glum then they have been in recent years. Hey howbout for a followup, he writes a story about a multibillionaire who despite being rich, just can't find anything he wants to buy.

I guess I'm not the target audience anymore, but what happened to to just telling stories that are fun? If you're looking for something with deeper meaning and the like, than perhaps corporate owned superheroes running around with their underwear on the outside of their clothes, aren't for you.

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