Sunday, May 23, 2004

Johanna's Marvel Reviews and Chick Check

Johanna has done her reviews of the latest batch of Marvel Comics this week, along with a check to see how many female creators there are working on them. Some interesting thoughts on the books:

Amazing Spider-Man #507 -- 0 out of 7. I don't care much for Spider-Man's character at the best of times. He's always struck me as something of a whiner, and I just don't relate to the "guy with powers who's still a shlub".

I used to be a big Spidey fan because of the fun he seemed to have as Spider-Man, and the poor shlub thing worked for me at the time. Yet as I grew older I things got better for me, and it made me realize that the "oh woe is me" tales Peter went through no longer held as much interest for me. So it made it easier to quit the titles when the clone saga started.

I wonder if that was why I latched onto the Kyle Rayner character so much though? I like the more "down to Earth" type characters, and he had similar ups and downs. Yet he seemed genuinely happy for the most part. His problems brought him down, but when he worked through them he was better at the end.

Something Peter never will accomplish, as being the ultimate loser eventually is his hallmark. Perhaps to give many comic fans whose lives can be a constant struggle someone they can feel sorry for?

Why does there need to be some mystical purpose behind it all? Seems to me, little as I know about the character, that it's a mismatch with the fundamental premise.

Yeah from the descriptions I've read of it, it sounds like a prolonged Mopie storyline. And like Mopey will be forgotten soon after.

Cable & Deadpool #3 (Why does this book need two each inkers, letterers, and colorists?)

Cable and Deadpool strike me as two very different characters, in terms of world they live in and how they are portrayed. Perhaps the two like that, so that each can stay true to their unique look? Or Marvel was doing a rushjob on this book to meet deadline and so gave it to as many people as possible.

New X-Men Academy X #1 -

I didn't realize this was out yet. It sounded from Johanna's review that it could be sort of tame. Yet I've always liked the idea of the kids in school part of the X-Men mythos. I wonder what the art looks like, and whether it'd be something worth tracking down.

Good reviews by her this week. As someone who grew bored trying to cover everything DC put out each month when I was on the comps list. I wonder how long she'll be able to keep up the pace of covering both companies output each weekend before burnout. Especially when she starts running into the same problems each and every month, because by the third month I was tired of saying the same thing.

She's more imaginative than I though, so she'll probably find a way to adapt.

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