Sunday, May 09, 2004

Former CrossGen Employees go public about their former employer.

Ron Marz, Drew Geraci, Andy Smith and Andrea Di Vito, talk candidly about the things that went wrong, and who they feel are responsible. This point by Drew Geraci was especially interesting I thought:

I did an interview months ago where I mentioned CG was 'hamstrung by beauracracy' and that's all I felt comfortable saying about it at the time.

I remember Ron looking exhausted some days because he had the burden of shoehorning good writing around the directives of an arrested adolescent, a gym teacher and an dull writer who's managed to loiter around the industry (on and off) for 15 years. Make your own conclulsions about whom I speak.

I expect to see even more former CG employees go public soon, as the company's demise draws closer each day, and any chance of payment for work done becomes less likely.

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