Monday, May 24, 2004

Where's the love?

I've been spending time this evening looking through various comic reviews and news websites. Usually I see something that makes me at least curious, if not outright excited, on one of these sites for a comic that is coming soon. Yet today I'm hit with this big wave of apathy at everything I've looked at so far.

Newsarama has a report on a new Ultimate Elektra series, by Mike Carey whose work I like more often than not. Yet I find myself wondering why they can't have an Elektra story without Daredevil in it. It just seems sad that such a neat character as was on display in the previous mini by Greg Rucka. Apparently isn't thought to be good enough to stand on her own, and must have herself defined by her relationship with her boyfriend.

They also have an article dealing with a sequel to the G.I. Joe/Transformers crossover. Yet despite both properties being a big influence on my childhood, I only have a wish that it would guest-star other 80s series like ThunderCats and He-Man. Who would all die on the first page of a one page comic.

I then went to check Johanna Draper Carlson's blog, yet only find more DCU reviews of books that sound like either incredibly inane pointless subplots, or inside comic geek knowledge storytelling.

I did find myself laughing in some amusement at the Superman cover she has on display, that looks like one of those old colorforms stickers with the sheer flatness of it. While wondering if the Spoiler/Robin on that other cover's bra is padded enough to cushion her fall when she hits the ground coming in at that angle.

Over on John Jakala's blog, he has some amusing comments on some odd looking Marvel covers. Which he receives points for having none of them be by Greg Horn. Too bad his comments were more interesting than any of the Marvel Comics I've sampled lately.

Okay I'm sounding way too cynical here I know, and perhaps it is just the odd mood I'm in. Yet I'm looking around and can't seem to find anything from American comics to get excited about. So much of it seems to be nostalgic driven navel gazing to try and recapture someone's youth. Or gloom and doom "the world will never be the same again" claptrap PR, that has me rolling my eyes.

It's not even that I outright despise anything either, I have some gripes, but for the most part I just find myself not able to care. I used to really love comics too, so that kind of bothers me. I've never been what some might consider the target audience, yet I've never felt this isolated or perhaps ignored before.

At least I still have manga, where again I'm not the target audience, but at least I feel welcomed by the way the publishers try and do such different things.

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