Sunday, January 09, 2005

Writing is Hard

Here I sit on a day off from work, feeling a bit too tired to go out and do much. I feel as though I should be doing some writing for my blog. Yet what do I write about?

I suppose I should read some of the ever growing pile of comics I have. Yet the house has been filled with people in and out making noise all day. So I'm a bit too distracted to give anything I would read the deserved attention.

Perhaps I should do some link blogging?

Well Johanna has covered the second volume of Othello. Which is one of my current favorite manga series, so that's pretty cool.

Graeme over at his blog about writer Mark Millar being upset that there are no superhero books on Time's 2004 10 best comics list. To me Mr. Millar seems to be getting "what's popular" and "what's the best" confused.

David Welsh has a scary realization, wondering what someone may think of his comic collection in the future.

All of which are great things I could fill a blog entry about. Yet I don't want to...

So what am I going to write about? Hmm maybe I'll just fill a blog entry talking about how hard it is to find something to want to write about? Nah that'll never work!

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