Wednesday, January 05, 2005

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Frank Miller to Write all Star Batman & Robin - I must admit to being really interested in trying this book.

The Complete Frank Miller HC I picked up over a decade ago changed my opinion completely on the character. Having never read the comics before, I went from thinking of him as the goofy TV version to this serious and scary interpretation that was just very cool.

Frank is who I think of when I think the ultimate Batman writer, and I wonder what he will do, and how I will react (given how much I and my tastes have changed) to it.

I didn't think it was possible, yet I'm looking forward to reading both a Batman and Superman (Grant Morrison one) comic this year. Something I haven't been in over a decade now.

Mark Waid explains "confusing" sequence in his Legion of Super-Heroes #1 - I haven't read the issue yet, though from the images shown here it seems to show what he describes well.

Yet I have to wonder at the wiseness of taking any reader to task for not understanding it if did. I'm sure it is frustrating creatively, but I think you must take who your audience is into account, and sadly many comic readers aren't used to anything done as different as this was.

A friend of mine is a teacher and came home mad the other day. Her class was constantly asking her all day what she meant about a piece she sent home talking about "strategies to improve reading and test taking" and how she was going to take points off for not following her strategies in their work.

Her second grade class had no idea what the word strategies meant, sadly most of their parents didn't either, and thus she didn't understand her audience's needs.

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