Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Two Manga Series Comments

I did get some catch up reading done today though. The second volume of the X-Day series, volume 1 of which I briefly covered on Friday, has to be one of the worst endings to a series I've seen in years.

Not only does it not wrap up any of the plotlines from the first manga volume. It barely even spends any times on those characters and situations, before going into a crappy unconnected story on some fantasy world where the people all have elves ears.

I've heard of creators losing interest in stories or characters and ending them quickly. Yet to do so in this short of a series, then to go in a completely opposite tact with no warning, and to have a publisher like Tokyopop still publish it.

Well it makes me want to support their competitors products more when I have to decide on what new series to try in the future.

On the plus side the third volume of the Case Closed series may have been the best volume yet. From a family politics charged murder mystery on a cruise ship, to the mystery of a doctor receiving huge amounts of toys and money from a mysterious "benefactor." These stories were intriguing and left me anxious to see what all was going on.

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Alex Scott said...

They actually do that quite frequently. That wasn't actually the ending to X-Day. It's an unrelated short story that they put at the end. They do the same thing in volumes of Kare Kano, Kodocha, and Rurouni Kenshin.