Monday, January 03, 2005

Two Recent Comics

Adam Strange #4 - The action adventure continues with Adam escaping his own execution, only to wind up neck deep in trouble on a space station with a group of terrorists/freedom fighters known as the Omega Men.

This series is fun in single issue form because it epitomizes the fun of the old adventure serials exactly. The talent weaves such an engrossing story that pulls the reader along from beginning to end, leaving cliffhanger endings that make me want to see what happens next.

I'm not sure if that level of pacing would hold up long term, but in a miniseries it is working quite well so far. I guess because what helps it to be fun, is that I know the ride ends eventually. Which makes the emotional rollercoaster something I can just sit back and enjoy.

I'm guessing that the Omega Men are older characters, though oddly some members are women, but they work as new characters too since I'm told all I need to about them.

My one complaint for the book this time, is that the coloring is a bit too dark in places. Which adds to some of the spookiness this issue's story required, but made it hard to see some of the action.

Warlock #4 - Now this is how you should end a series brought to a hastened end by market forces. With the series underpinnings turned on its end, yet logistically makes sense. The ending making the early issues with Janie's dream sequences more nuanced that they seemed.

Even using the original version of the character in an intelligent fashion that makes him relevant to readers like myself who don't know him. While perhaps adding an additional level of interest for readers who perhaps feared this version was besmirching the previous one's history.

It is a true shame that the new possibilities introduced here will likely never be seen or followed up on again. Yet this series was a pleasant surprise, and will make me seek more work by the creators in the future.

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