Monday, January 17, 2005

Owly: The Way Home Minicomic
Created by Andy Runton

Won from Johanna's contest I was very excited about taking my first look at this series which seems to have won so many hearts.

It is a wordless tell of a young owl just looking for a friend, who helps a lost young worm find his way home after a bad rain storm washed him far from home.

Wordless comics usually have an uphill battle for me, because so many artists are unable to convey what they want the reader to get using visuals only.

This book had none of those problems, as though the characters are very simply designed with few visual characteristics. The emotions portrayed with them is nicely done, and comes clearly through the art. Such as Owly's feeling of sadness over being alone, shown with downcast eyes and body posture.

I was so impressed by how smoothly this read, and how despite its wordless nature how long it took to read. (more than the average word filled superhero comic) That after finishing it, I went back to reread the book again to just admire the craft that made me care about these characters so quickly.

I'll definitely be seeking out more books in this series as soon as possible.

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Liashi said...

Yes, I picked this up in my library and was similarly suprised and impressed. For anyone who's looking for something a little bit different and fun, you should check it out! (No pun intended. Really. ... )