Sunday, January 16, 2005

More Comic Quickies

She-Hulk #10 - This story might have been fine in any other series, or perhaps even in this series if it wasn't 2 issues from stopping.

Yet an entire issue focusing on the Titania character, with Jen barely even appearing, who I knew nothing about before and still don't care for after this. Especially having it be a darker more morose take , when this series has usually been fun and positive. Made this just a disappointment of an issue for me.

The quality of work isn't any less, I just was not interested by their choice of subject matter.

Blade of Kumori #2 - Only the second issue and the focus has shifted to another character. A superhero named Great White, made me pause too but his last name is White and the media labeled him that, who foils a bank robbery. When he gets back to his HQ he gets reamed out by his very cool female inventor partner for damaging the cool tech she designed.

Then the star of the book, teenage samurai warrior gal Kumori, shows up to fulfill her mission of killing him as ordered by her father. The two sort of battle over the streets, before coming to land on top of a building where we learn Kumori can't bring herself to kill without a better reason than being ordered to.

This would have worked better for me if I'd learned more about Kumori first, and not have to be sort of told how conflicted she was about her duties. The Great White character and his partners have more personality to them in the one issue, than Kumori has been given in her two issues so far.

It is still a quality production though, with nice art that has some great action scenes and a nice sense of movement. Still I hope we learn more about the star of the book in future issues, as she's a fairly cool kick butt young woman from appearances so far.

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