Sunday, January 16, 2005

Wal-Mart Sells Comics?

I went to the Wal-Mart website tonight, to look up info on an exclusive Archie movie set that they had just released a CD containing 6 of the best Archie songs to promote.

When I type in to search for Archie I find numerous Archie trades and collections for sale. So I decided to type in other names, and from manga like Hot Gimmick to Maison Ikkoku and such, to indy titles like the works of Andi Watson and trades, hard covers and archives from Marvel and DC.

They carry a wide variety of stuff at some fairly nice discount prices. Which really surprised me, as I had no idea something like Wal-Mart would carry such stuff, even online only.


Dave said...

Yes, but Wal-Mart is EEEEEEVIL. No matter how attractive their prices are, I just can't bring myself to buy things from them.

(It's not so much their 'big business moving in and out-pricing local stores' thing that really bothers me, it's their anti-labor practices which allow them to underprice in the first place.)

James Schee said...

True, I have relatives that work there and the stuff they tell me is scary. So I only go in there when I have to.

Yet still, some of those comic prices are so tempting...