Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Flu Bug

This is the first time I've had a chance since Friday to post on the blog. I've been in bed with an incredible case of the flu that hit me like a sledge hammer.

It is amazing to see how easily one's life can be completely put on hold so fast. Yet from Saturday until the middle part of yesterday the outside world pretty much ceased to exist for me.

I know one of the common origins for how comic fans became fans was reading them as sickly children. Yet I wonder how sick they must have been, as I couldn't stand to even have a light on let alone a book with a story to digest.


James Meeley said...


Man, that sucks. There's nothing worse than being sick (and being so sick, you don't even feel like reading comics). I'm glad you are doing better. I'm heading out to the Emerald City Comicon next weekend, so maybe I'll pick up a little "feel better" item for you.

By the way, I saw you recently updated your blog links. What's it take for a fella to get his blog added to that awesome list? I'd love to have The Comic Asylum put in there. Let me know. :)

- James Meeley

James Schee said...

I accept money!:)

Seriously though sorry about that, next time I update the template there are quite a few more blogs I'll add.