Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Today's Update

Sorry that I haven't had much to talk about the last few days, work has kept me busy with companies rushing to get the last of their W2s out before the January 31 deadline. I haven't had much time to read comics, and others (most on my favorite blog list) have already commented on the various comic news.

I spent the today in Huffman, Texas visiting some relatives. Where I made a great discovery at the Dearbrooke Mall, which had a comic shop inside the mall. The store wasn't overly large and for the most part they keep only stuff from the big publishers like Marvel, DC, Image and the like.

Yet the fact that a comic shop has such a great location to reach casual readers was something interesting to see. Given that every comic shop I've ever been too has been in outlet malls, usually in far out or rundown portions of the city.

While there I picked up Sabrina #64, Adam Strange #5, Legion of Super-Heroes #2 and WE3 #3. The first two I've been enjoying since they started, LSH #2 I liked the first issue and have seen a lot of praise for #2.

WE3 I've seen a ton of praise for, but I'm a bit nervous about given that I have no idea what to expect from the issue at all. Since I didn't read the first two issues and just have no idea what the book is about at all.

Of course the highlight of my trip wasn't the comic shop, it was finding the fantastic Barnes & Nobles store in the mall. It has its Graphic Novel section at the front of the store and had 8 full bookshelves worth, front and back, full of manga and just about every comic graphic novel I could think of.

It is the closest I've felt to giddiness for comics, since I first walked into a comic shop well over a decade ago. There I picked up Hikaru no Go 3 and Cheeky Angel 1 (happy Johanna?:) ) and can't wait to go back when I have more time and money!

Reviews on some of this stuff coming soon!

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