Thursday, February 24, 2005

Legion of Super-Heroes #3

While this issue is mainly used to give a spotlight on Triplicate Girl, it doesn't stop the series from moving forward in its other subplots.

The internal struggle for what the Legion's purpose should be between Brainy and Cosmic Boy is an interesting one so far. The behind the scenes plotting against each other is scary, like it should be, but everyone has a driving purpose for their actions that makes me want to see who will turn out to be right.

Triplicate Girl's origin is an interesting one, that brings up interesting thoughts about individuality and how ones experiences make up who and what you are no matter how alike you may be in other ways. An aspect I would like to have seen explored even more in depth when she ventured back to her home planet. Where she found things different than she expected.

That part was sort of given a bit of short shrift, as I would like to have been shown more as to how and why she didn't fit in, rather than just be told she didn't in the narrative.

This book just seems so much fuller than any other superhero comic I've read in awhile, meaning those extra pages aren't just filler I guess.

Just the exploration of Triplicate Girl (gosh it is going to be hard to stop calling her by the much shorter to type Triad:)) character, or the secret behind the scenes plotting of Cos and Brainy would be a full plate for most comics.

Yet the method used to explore Triplicate Girl, as she goes on dates with Sun Boy, Ultra Boy and Element Lad, also brings insights into them and how they work together. It was especially nice to see a return of the "bad boy" version of Ultra Boy after the years of the wimpy idiot of the Post-boot.

The heart of what makes the book tick for me anyway is its freshness. While on the surface it may all seem familiar, everything has seemed to have been looked at with a calculated eye, and tweaked or entirely overhauled for the better so far. Leaving me anxious to see where the book goes from here, as this is the freshest and most full of possibilities the series has been in a very long time.

It is sort of like falling in love with the Legion of Super-Heroes all over again. Which is a weird feeling as I'd pretty much written the concept off as dead years ago. Yet for now I'm making it a point to try and swing by a comic shop the week it comes out to get it. Which is something I haven't done for a regular series in years.

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