Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Words fail me.......In all the years I read comics, I don't remember ever reading a book (or series) as good as this!

I'm at a lost for words too. I mean, My God! This issue was just one of the greatest things I read today or any other day.


This issue made me all tingly all over. I keep rereading it, and every single time I get shivers.

Is this praise for the newest comic masterpiece by Art Spiegelman, Craig Thompson, Kyle Baker, Joe Sacco or even Neil Gaiman? No, these are quotes pulled from the Geoff Johns MB in regard to the just released Green Lantern: Rebirth #4. Which features the return of Hal Jordan to the lead role of the GL franchise.

It is easy to scoff at this and put this level of praise down to immaturity or even lack of taste. After all in another thread the same fans argue over their dislike of the logo on Hal's chest on the cover of the new Green Lantern #1 that was just solicited. To the point where Geoff Johns had to post assuring them that it was only something put together for them to run for the ad, and not the finished cover.

Yet there is something to be said for having that pure of a reaction to a book. I like comics but I can't think of the last time I would have been so enthused by a book, not even Andi Watson's work which I adore. I've found comics that I really enjoy, but perhaps because I don't have the emotional attachment to the characters. That the impact of certain events happening no longer are enough for me.

I don't root for characters as much as I just want to see quality stories happen. Which probably helps me keep a perspective and not get too caught up when stories go ways that I don't like, Sue's treatment in Identity Crisis for example. Yet probably also keeps me from reaching the extreme highs that those that do get to as well.

Which isn't a complaint or anything I would change about myself. Not being tied to certain characters means I try more diverse items and have more varied experiences than those that are only in it for the latest Superman story. Yet it was just something I was thinking about tonight as I read through the boards.

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