Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The CrossGen That Could Have Been

Ron Marz was the original writer, with George Perez on art, for "The War" miniseries which would have changed CrossGen Comics forever afterwards. Though he was replaced on the project when he left the company, he has said alot of the things in the later "Negation War #1" comic were close to his initial story outline.

At the link above he talks about some of the elements he would have had come to pass:

*Sam Rey would have led the combined "good guys," since he was the most powerful. Unfortunately, he gets his head blown off and dies early on. Kaine takes over leadership, but has to prove his worth since he's "un-powered."

*ALL of the First, and their home world, are wiped out in a heroic holding action -- the first time they ever rose above their petty bickering. The lone survivor is ... um, I can't remember his name. The Hunter guy.

*Arwyn gets drawn into the whole war, and has to be kept from killing Mordath for the greater good.

*All sigils would be gone, never to reappear. All "mentors" are either destroyed or reduced to "normal" beings without any special knowledge, powers, etc.

Interesting that they were getting rid of the sigils, which could have meant less of a sense of universe ties and purer looks at the genres each book strived for.

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