Monday, February 14, 2005

Quick Thoughts

Looking for some good stuff to read, while showing support for someone who really deserves it for the work she does? Check out Johanna's for Sale list which has numerous cool and hard to find items like Miracleman trades, DC HCs, and more. Including some cool sounding Legion of Super-Heroes original art pages.

I love Archie Comics Sabrina manga makeover, but the ad for their new Josie makeover seems to be a scary amalgam of some the icky parts of some manga series. I hope the book itself has an entirely different feel.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's day! Mine was spent at work, where one sweet person brought me a cup cake made from a new sugar substitute. She didn't take into account that she'd have to cook it differently and it tasted awful! Though since she is gorgeous and I have a date with her this weekend, I smiled and pretended to like it while I waited for the chance to quickly get rid of it without her knowing.:)

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