Tuesday, February 08, 2005

This & That

Lot's of folks are talking about the case in Georgia, about a comic retailer who gave out a comic intended for adults to a minor.

While I find the punishment for the "crime" to be incredibly extreme, and the law in itself to be rather stupid. I'm having a hard time feeling too much for the retailer who in the thread I linked to seems to be dismissing any culpability in the incident.

Seeming to say that it was too much work to make sure a situation like this didn't happen.

Meanwhile in Australia, another mother is complaining about the contents of a comic her kid picked up at a library. This time I loved the librarian's response of the book being put back on the shelves and that it was up to the parents to monitor what their kid read. Not the library's.

Hard to find Manga

I'm having a hard time finding new volumes of Ruroni Kenshin (I need 10 and 11), Tramps Like Us 4, and Planetes Book 4 volume 2 in my area for some reason. Plenty of copies of new series, and series with monsters and aliens which don't interest me that much but sort of annoying that I can't find those.

I did see the nifty Gemma Bovery GN today though, it has more text than I usually expect from a comic but certainly looks interesting. I'll be ordering it online where I can get it cheaper and in a better condition as this one had dings and creases on the cover.


Lyle said...

I guess we read Gordon Lee's comments differently, then. I may be influenced by the comments he also made at PAD's blog, but to me it sounds like Lee's trying to point out that it was a mistake and an easy mistake to make.

In part, I suspect Lee's comments emphasise all the factors that made it easy to miss the comic in question because some people are doing the "back seat retailer" thing and taking a "well, it would have been so easy not to give out that comic so I don't see why I should care..." attitude.

It does sound like an easy mistake to make, considering all the factors involved.

James Schee said...

Hmm thanks for the pointer to PAD's journal it does shed some new light on the situation.

I misread his comments at Pulse, my take initially was that he was saying that he didn't have time to go through the comics he was giving away.

Which made me scratch my head, because every shop I'd ever been to bags everything for you including freebies. (to make sure you aren't getting something that isn't a freebie)

Yet looking back at it he seems to be saying that he got someone to stand there and just give the comics away.

Lyle said...

The comic was handed out from a stack of leftover FCBD comics. I don't think I caught Lee saying if he reviewed that stack or not but the Mature Readers label was on the back cover* and the front cover I've seen looks pretty inoffensive (from a pretty low-res pic) so without being familiar with the book or giving a more thorough examination of the books, I can see how this could happen to an intellegent person.

Lee was sloppy in how this happened. Overall, tho, I'm seeing people trying to claim the charges are not a big deal because they would've seen the mature audiences label and known not to hand it out. Lee sounds like he's admiting a mistake was made, but it isn't as easy a mistake to avoid as some commentors are trying to say.

* I should add, I don't get the logic of putting a warning label on the back cover at all.

James Schee said...

Yeah it does seem like sort of an honest mistake.

This is one of those cases where the parents should have just brought the book back and told him of the mistake. I'm sure he would have apologized and done whatever he could to make it right.

Because it is obvious from the descriptions and such that nothing malicious was meant. Hey the parents themselves didn't even see anything wrong with the book when they got it.

I'll try to post follow up thoughts when I have more time. 10 hour days are killing me here!