Friday, February 04, 2005

More Legion Fanboy Thoughts on Legion of Super-Heroes #2

I really loved this issue a lot, as it captured the hope and determination of teens in a hopeful future that I've been wanting to see in a Legion of Super Heroes series for a long time.

It doesn't ignore its sci-fi roots either with unique looks at different societies. Yet doesn't fall into the trap most sci-fi does by becoming about the tech rather than the people involved.

Brainiac 5 seems to be wearing a weird variation of the old Grell Cosmic Boy skin suit. Which made me pause for a minute, but it works for him so far, though I wonder at the purpose of the tubes coming out of his head.

His cold intellect puts him at odds with his teammates, yet his handling here is well done as despite his rough exterior I couldn't help but side with or at least understand the points he was making.

This issue was the first time I'd ever seen Dreamer as a workable team character as well. Her precog abilities always seemed to make her ideal for a consultant position, but I never thought her abilities would serve well in the field. Yet here her powers are not only an asset, but they also offer believable reasoning for her sometimes flighty nature.

One of the better changes I've seen to a classic character so far, is the apparent one to Element Lad shown this issue. Saying that he has to be able to touch something to transmute it keeps him quite powerful, but keeps him from being too overpowering as displayed here when attacked by something it would be dangerous to touch.

I was really expecting the worse when I heard about the LSH revamp, as yet another reboot just seemed to much. Plus I am so used to comic companies, especially DC, going in nostalgia directions that don't interest me one bit.

Yet this series has been a lot of fun so far. It stays true to a lot of what I see as the classic Legion concept, but adds new dimensions and takes on it with things like teenage rebellion.

It has been a long time since I've been this excited about a corporate owned book. Yet if they keep this level of quality up and I'm going to be there for each and every issue.


B2 said...

Doesn't Brainiac have a history of tubes coming out of his head?

Anonymous said...

Brainiac the evil villain who fights Superman does. Yet the Legion's Brainy hasn't ever had those, that I know of anyway... (may be an issue here or there I missed:) )